What is Wallgraphics?

Simply put, Wallgraphics is a web to print service of awesome custom printed wallpapers for domestic use. Wallgraphics is powered by Adgraphix in Christchurch. We are one of the most respected producers of large format digital printing in New Zealand.

How does Wallgraphics work?

You size up your wall, choose an image then place your order, how easy is that! Images can be from our ready made designs, or you can design your own walls with the Wallart Designer app. In the Wallart Designer app you enter the size of your wall then design away. There are three options for images. Upload your own, search for an image or build a design using our content. Once your order is submitted, we print and send it to you.

How long will I have to wait?

Not long! We aim to have your design locked, loaded, printed and dispatched easily within a week.

How are the graphics printed?

We print the images using HP latex digital printers. Latex ink is a water-based ink with very durable characteristics. HP latex printers are Greenguard certified.

What materials do you print on?

We produce three types of quality wallpaper media.

Avery 2631 wallgraphics. These are removable 100% opaque self adhesive vinyls in two finishes, Crushed Stone or Pure Canvas. The textured stone material has excellent hiding power of imperfections on the wall surface.

Ahlstrom Easylife Spray and Up pre-pasted paper. This paper has a pre-pasted coating on the back. You simply spray the wall with water and apply the paper drops to the wet wall which activates the adhesive paste. The fibres are from sustainable managed forests and it is PVC free.

Is the wall graphic removable?

The Ahlstrom pre-pasted paper wallpaper is fully removable by rewetting it from the face.

The Avery vinyls feature removable adhesives (up to a year), but if the paintwork underneath is not too flash the graphic could  lift the paint surface below, especially paint over plaster. In most cases you will probably need to do some plastering/reinstatement of your wall surface

How easy is it to hang the adhesive vinyl prints?

Super easy. You will need two people unless you’re a pro.

Avery adhesive vinyls: Simply remove the backing liner and stick it to the wall. The bulk of your drops will be about 500mm – 635mm wide. You rub out all the excess air with your hand and then give the image an all over rub down with the squeegee provided. Lining up each tile is very easy to do either by sighting the image. Your new wall graphic comes with a complete set of instructions.

Ahlstrom pre-pasted wallpaper: Simply wet the wall then stick the paper to the wall. The bulk of your drops will be about 500mm – 635mm wide. You rub out all the excess air with your hand and a soft cloth. Lining up each tile is very easy to do either by sighting the image. Your new wall graphic comes with a complete set of instructions.

What do I get in the box?

Pre-pasted paper is shipped with a water spray bottle.

Self Adhesive Vinyl is shipped with a soft felt applicator squeegee.

You will need to provide a sharp knife and a straight edge for trimming the excess off. A spirit level or plumb bob can be handy for getting the first drop vertical.

Do the printed images smell?

No the images do not have an odour due to the characteristics of the water based latex ink.

I don’t want to cover my whole wall – can I get a decal?

Yes of course. On the start page, choose the Poster Designer, enter the dimensions that you want your decal to be. The maximum height you can choose is 1300mm.

Is my image big enough?

The Wallart Designer app will alert you if your image is gonna be rough. Use the largest photo size on your camera. Smart phones will probably not provide a suitable image. Typically if an image is not big enough it will exhibit pixelation, an effect where your image starts getting blocky, especially around bits with high contrast. Typically you’ll need a minimum of about 7600px by 6100px for a 3m x 2.4m wall.

The image in the Wallart Designer looks a bit blurry. Will it print like that?

No, not necessarily. The designer renders images on screen at a size and appearance that keeps a good balance of visual and speed. Because of this, some larger files will not look as sharp on screen – rest assured though, they will print good.

What about copyright?

You must have ownership or the correct permissions for the images you upload for printing. If you treat yourself to stock photography, make sure you purchase the correct licence.

I get a pixelation warning, what does this mean?

The pixelation warning advises you that your image may be chunky blocks of pixels due to not having enough data. We can help with some resolution numbers when viewing from 1 metre. If your warning says your image is over 65 dpi/ppi it will have very minimal signs of pixelation, perfectly fine in our opinion. 100 dpi/ppi is ideal and anything higher than 150 is overkill.

What setting should I use when designing my own?

We recommend using design industry applications like Photoshop and Illustrator. Work in CMYK and keep the resolution no less than 65ppi, ideally 80ppi – 100ppi at actual size. There is no need to use more than 150ppi at finished size. Vector designs are good for any size. To get an idea of your image quality, turn the rulers on and zoom in so they match the marks of an actual ruler, then pan around and check out your image quality.

Can I preview my image?

Yes, you can select an area to print as an A4 and the Wallart app will email you a pdf of the image at actual size. You can print it at home and view it. The image will give a good indication of the image quality, although if you print it on your desktop printer the colour will possibly be inaccurate.

Can Wallgraphics be used in a bathroom?

Nah, we don’t reckon it’s wise to use wallgraphics in bathrooms.

How do I clean my wall graphic?

Use a damp cloth and gently wipe. Do not use chemicals. Like a lot of things, if your rub it hard or use abrasives the surface could discolour, or even worse – rub off.