We recommend you read the FAQ’s and view the How to examples.
Please read below about the way to measure and size your wall art.

Measuring your wall

Take at least four measurements. Two of the length and two of the height. Use the largest measurement each way for your final size. Measure to the top of the skirting.

Floating wallcovering

Floating designs do not span to wall edges so in the wallart designer simply enter the width and height you require your design to be.

Full coverage wallcovering

Unfortunately not all walls are created equal. To make your wallcovering easy to install you will want some play/movement.

IMPORTANT: We suggest you add 4cm to the height and width of your final measurements. This will give you 2cm of extra image, top and bottom, left and right which you can trim off as you go.

Other notes

Some background images may preview in a lower quality. This is the case with the kids theme backgrounds. They will print as sharp as the objects laid on top.

Remember to select your wallcovering material when you place your order. It can be done while in the designer, or on the final check page.